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Monday, July 25, 2011

25 Reasons Why I Call Myself a Liberal

It is possible to debate quite extensively exactly what the definition of liberal is. This is because of the long history of definitions of the word as well as the many different uses for the word today. There is a rather “interesting” definition of liberal on that some of you may find entertaining/offensive (especially when you compare it to Conservapedia’s definition of conservative). But rather than get bogged down in semantics about what Liberal means, I have decided to prepare a list of what Liberal means to me and why I call myself one.

1. I think progress for people is more important than profit for businesses.

2. I think DDT is worse than bugs.

3. All policy and law within the United States should be based solely on the Constitution of the United States and nothing else. Although personal and religious beliefs should never be restricted, they should have no bearing on public policy that affects everyone.

4. I like Nancy Pelosi more than Michelle Bachmann.

5. I do not think that corporations should be extended individual rights and liberties while not being subject to the same criminal liabilities as individuals.

6. I think Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission is one of the most monumental failures in Supreme Court History.

7. Capitalism without any regulation leads to corruption, extreme wealth disparity, and increases the prevalence of poverty.

8. Mitt Romney’s passage of universal healthcare in Massachusetts was, in my view, a good thing not a bad thing.

9. I am open-minded enough to realize that someone who disagrees with me ideologically or spiritually is not my enemy and is not trying to destroy the country.

10. I went from saying global warming to saying climate change and later went from saying climate change to global climate destabilization.

11. I think that Exxon Mobil is more extreme than the Sierra Club.

12. I think that the war on drugs is a failed policy that is designed to misappropriate enormous amounts of tax dollars and unfairly target and imprison certain social groups by manipulating the criminal justice system.

13. Preventing industrial pollution and systematic poisoning of our biosphere is vital to the future health and well being of humankind.

14. I say humankind instead of mankind.

15. I do not think it is unpatriotic to use the metric system.

16. It is possible and practical to provide access to world-class education and quality healthcare to everyone.

17. It is my firm belief that the United States is suffering from a very un-American form of wealth redistribution. And it is going from the bottom to the top.

18. While the idea of abortions are deeply disturbing to me, they are a little bit less disturbing than the government telling me or anyone else what they can or cannot do with their body.

19. I don’t call super wealthy individuals and corporations “job creators” unless they actually create jobs.

20. I think that a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman would be literally legislating discrimination and bigotry into the constitution.

21. I don’t think I could ever learn more from Glenn Back and his chalkboard than I did from Mr. Rogers and Captain Kangaroo when I was a child.

22. I actually think the big scary government should do things, namely govern.

23. I think that showing naked people on prime-time television would be far less offensive and damaging to society than showing people being murdered and committing violence on primetime television is.

24. I do not seek spiritual guidance or opinions from my elected officials. Nor do I care what their religious beliefs are, as long as they follow the rule of law (the Constitution).

25. I think that civil rights legislation, the end of slavery, the end of segregation, woman’s right to vote, Medicare, environmental activism, and anti-poverty programs are good things.

Have a great week everyone! Keep the comments coming!

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